Great software speaks for itself.

Handwritten love lasts a lifetime.

Get it out of the dustbin and into your phone.

From 2012-2018 I took my first product to market, working on and off in spurts. It started as a way to learn iOS development, then became something I really wanted. Then became something I didn't. I shut the product down after learning that...

  1. CAC was prohibitive (of course, it's B2C after all)
  2. Nailing the capture UX would require paying a better developer to build document scanning
  3. I was happier throwing cards away
Maybe there is still an opportunity here, maybe with some VC and a planned exit to Hallmark.

My heart was no longer in it, and I wanted to focus on my new job making software for product & marketing managers at Aha!

Now it lives in the graveyard.

Warning: The copy isn't formatted for mobile because I copy/pasted it from the old source. Maybe I'll care enough to fix it at some point. 🤷‍♂️

Marketing Collateral


Capture the front

We automatically focus, snap, and crop.

Capture inside

the words inside

We store high quality photos.
Because handwriting matters.


keep them forever

Everything stays organized
by friend, occasion, and date.

Do even more with friends

Sync addressbook

Address Sync

Always have the right addresses. Know your friends do too.

Open notifications

Receipt Alerts

Find out when something you sent is opened and captured.

Calendar notification

Calendar Alerts

Get notified when a friend has an upcoming occasion.

See the app.