Great software speaks for itself.


originally written April 12, 2019

I've written about over-complexity quite a bit, in hindsight. I guess it's somewhat of a passion for me.

Increasingly, it seems there is a potential organizational role that is dedicated to optimizing for complexity. Yes, a great CTO will fill this role in the beginning, but they can't be everywhere all the time as an organization grows.

That's why I'm going all in on becoming a design-gineer.

Can a design-gineer tackle a large swath of challenges better than a pair of designer & engineer?

Check out a talk I gave at Hired that breaks down how I think about such a hypothetical role.

Over time, designers are freed up from certain kinds of minutae, and design-gineers are empowered to own more. Not every UX challenge will fit this type of role, but I have a hunch that enough do to warrant the investment.

Stay tuned as I attempt to do exactly this at Aha!