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Introducing reticle.js

originally written April 23, 2012

One of my client’s projects (to be announced soon enough) will be embeddable on any website, so I’ve had fun building a mini-sdk loader that can initialize the embedded content in as few lines as possible. Lucky for me and page loading visuals, all of the content is contained directly within a modal window, but I needed a framework agnostic way to show this modal due to the universal nature of embeddable content.

After spending some time trying to dig through the multitude of javascript libraries, I figured it was quicker to write one myself.

Thus, reticle.js was born.

Designed for simplicity, reticle.js just provides some CSS, a way to turn any <div> into modal content, and some helper functions for showing/hiding/binding the modal.

Still a work in progress, check it out on github.